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homework #1 (miniterm 2020)

submit this homework in WORD, or PDF (no Google docs, please). send it to my email: deadline for this assignment is Thursday Nov. 5, 9pm. please, send your homework in this manner: in the subject of the email I need: NAME, #21350, HOMEWORK #1. (you'll be asked to resend the homework if it doesn't comply with the above criterion). 


(all explain questions require a minimum of 30 words).

1. based on this lecture on philosophical discussions, pick your favorite point and explain why.

2. based on this lecture on values, pick one value you find important. Why so?

3. based on this lecture, identify the following fallacies:

Thomas Elder attack on social welfare should not be taken seriously. He is said to have been a degenerate. 

You will get pregnant if you have sex. Sally had sex once, and now she is pregnant. 

Your honor, the defendant must be guilty because no one can prove his innocence. 

Rare taste: you either have taste or you don't. 

Men are all alike: selfish creatures who spend every weekend glued to a television tube.

I am sure that you will agree that we should all work together to increase the profit of this company. Anyone not agreeing with this policy will be fired immediately. 

Everyone believes that Lander University is improving its academic programs yearly; therefore, I conclude that Lander will be a much higher rated school several years from now. 

Theodore H. Teabody, the great historian, says that H. Copi's book is the best logic book in the world. I believe him since the word of such a great man shouldn't be disputed.

4. questions 1-4 pertain to this post,

1. is there moral knowledge from the evolutionary stand point? explain.

2. explain how does killing becomes the moral fact "killing is wrong"?  

3. is "killing is wrong" a hard or a soft fact? explain

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