domingo, 12 de octubre de 2008

American citizen, I would like to know you

The Mix

Down town Miami

Business goes crazy

Like a bunch of mixed up ants

Sucking on the mucus of tuberculosis

A handful of small flies have completely

Taken over the sugar cube

There buildings stand straight as palm trees

And make goo goo eyes at the rocker-fellers


A small whining sound detached from the consulate

The mixture makes me dizzy

And suddenly

Insanity assassinates reason

Like a drum roll of germs

Flagler Street rattles like a waking snake

With the ambition of a boat people

Up the street are dozens of police patrols

But even though a beautiful women from Colombia

Called Cocaína

She is still the queen of corruption

yeah yeah oye mira!

it is also there

We live with all the bad daydreams

of Mister Batista

I Would Like to Know

I would like to know you,

citizens of America.

I would like to know

What do you feel

When the news of my country hits your face

As cold as a dog’s nose?

When your TV screen is disturbed

By a bunch of dark black boat-people

Who know how to fall

So that others can rise up,

I’d like to know how do you feel about that?

I Would Like to Know,

American citizens,

How do you feel

When little Haiti turns upside down

In fire and protest

To find the tiny piece of justice

They’re dying for?

I Would Like to Know

What do you think when you see that?

I Would Like to Know

Citizens of America.

I’d like to know how would you feel

When you really understand us,

We who sleep with death

On the road of life,

Who the sea chops up piece by piece—

We are victims of the same system,

You and I.

And I’d really like to know

What you’re gonna do about that,



Jan Sebon (haitiano), es poeta, amigo, músico, locutor; en los últimos 25 años Sebon ha sido una presencia constante en las artes del sur de la Florida, con su grupo musical KAZAK (ritmos caribeños a lo vudú jazz) y en colaboración con artistas e instituciones del patio, siendo seleccionado “Mejor Grupo Haitiano” por tres años consecutivos por el semanario NewTimes. Tiene dos CD’s como vocalista e instrumentista: “Sou Do Ras La” y “Caribbean Percussion Traditions in Miami”; esta última una compilación comisionada por El Museo Histórico de La Florida. Es figura de tradición de la radio miamense con su programa “Mundo Vibe”, en WDNA Public Radio.