sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

Los Angeles Times d....i....c....e..... (pobrecito, Bush)

By any measure, the Bush administration has plumbed new depths to discover how badly the United States can be regarded on the international stage. It has ignored the United Nations, laughed off climate change and allowed anti-Americanism in Latin America to deepen and spread. It invaded Afghanistan for good reason, then allowed that conflict to spiral downward. It invaded Iraq under false pretenses and succeeded in antagonizing the Muslim world and clear-thinking people of all faiths. (...) Under George W. Bush, we have abandoned those values in pursuit of strong-armed advantage. Candidate Bush promised a humble foreign policy. President Bush brought us the Bush doctrine, the self-appointed right of the United States to preemptively invade nations that pose a threat to its interests. Candidate Bush presented himself as a compassionate conservative. President Bush built the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Candidate Bush scorned nation building. President Bush has occupied Iraq for almost six years.
Más claro ni el agua. El editorial del LATimes aquí.