lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Teresa Dovalpage: A Portrait of these Cuban times

A portrait of these Cuban times By Margaret Durán, Ph.D.

Habanera, a Portrait of a Cuba Family, is the second English-language novel penned by Teresa Dovalpage and published by Floricanto Press in December 2010. It is a soft, almost tender look at the challenges faced by today’s Cuban youth. Focused on the life of Longina, a naïve teenager (somewhat similar to the Lourdes of A Girl like Che Guevara) Habanera… deals, however, with different issues and a completely different time. Longina, unlike Lourdes, doesn’t want to emulate Che Guevara and politics doesn’t play a substantial role in her life. The novel starts in the early 80’s and takes the reader to a guided tour of the brief “golden years” enjoyed under the Cuban socialist economy.

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