miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010



Esta será la página digital de CUBEXART Recovery Project, Inc, corporación creada desde julio del 2005 y cuyos propósitos establecidos textualmente en el Artículo III desde entonces son los siguientes: http://www.cubanareum.com/ 
ARTICLE III: The general nature of the activities and purposes proposed to be transacted and carried on by this Corporation are to do any and all of the things herein mentioned, as fully and to same extent as natural persons might do. The main activity will be documentary, educational and historiographic, to wit: 

To document the work of Cuban exiled visual artists in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, in order to develop a complete computerized archive on Cuban émigré art, 1959 to the present, where visual anf biographical can be kept and updated; 

To calalogue as many works of arts by all artists identified as deemed necessary, with the intent of developing a virtual collection of Cuban émigré art than can fill the void in prsent-day modern art museums in Cuba and elsewhere; 

To design a virtual Cuban Émigré art museum to house such a collection, than can serve as veritable resource online to be used museologically nd educationally by a general public.