sábado, 20 de septiembre de 2008

Let's be grateful to our Number One Bloodsucker: The US Government!

From the NYTimes: The Bush administration on Saturday formally proposed to Congress what could become the largest financial bailout in United States history, requesting unfettered authority for the Treasury Department to buy up to $700 billion in mortgage-related assets. Our fraudulent government not only defaults on us, with its irresponsible give-it-to-the-rich fiscal tax-policies, the Irak war adventure and its debacle*, but on top, asks us to bail its laissez-faire policies out of financial shame. I know it begs the question, but since when the present administration cared so much about the state of our economy?
*The NYTimes puts it bluntly: A $700 billion expenditure on distressed mortgage-related assets would be roughly what the country has spent so far in direct costs on the Iraq war and more than the Pentagon’s total yearly budget appropriation. Divided across the population, it would amount to more than $2,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States.